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Rob Ballister will make you smile. He’s survived cancer, dating, and growing up in New Jersey. God Does Have A Sense of Humor chronicles his journey:


Through surgery—

My understanding was that the doctor, while hopping up and down on one foot and singing the national anthem, was going to remove my lymph nodes using a butter knife, a hacksaw, and some 10W-30 motor oil.


Into the confessional—

There sat Father Riener, who was technically old enough to have been one of the original apostles. As I began reciting my list, Father began falling asleep. Being only in the fourth grade, I did exactly what I did at home when my younger sister fell asleep. I kicked him.


Surviving Christmas with his family—

That first year, Dad put a wreath and Mom put up a tree, and things were pretty much low key that season. Then I was born, and as I grew, so did Dad’s commitment to having the house visible from orbiting spacecraft.


Rob Ballister can find humor anywhere. Whether it’s in the operating room, in the classroom, in a relationship, or in Spain, his unique style takes you on a journey through the significant events that shaped his life. Through a never-ending struggle to understand his family, women, and God’s sense of humor, he stands defiantly with nothing more than a smile and his teddy bear Oscar.


In God Does Have A Sense of Humor, we follow him as he joins the Navy, sees the world, beats cancer, and gets beaten up. Ride with him as he learns to drive, learns the truth about Santa Claus, and learns where babies come from.


It’s a wild ride filled with laughter, friendship, a bit of heartbreak, and a lot of love. You will laugh, you may cry, but one thing is certain. You won’t forget it.


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