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05 May

Today, I was honored to participate in a Local Authors’ event in my new hometown of Yorba Linda, California. The great folks at the Yorba Linda Public Library do this event every year. The criteria included being recently published and living in Yorba Linda. Since I met half of those, they allowed me to participate.

I was so very happy to be a part of it, and wanted to shout out to some of the great local authors with whom I shared the stage. Here they are, in no order whatsoever:

Lillian Nader, M. Ed is an author, playwright, copyeditor, and educator. Her book, Theep and Thorp , is a science fiction work for young adult readers.

Tracy Neis is a professional author with a list of credits to her name. Her latest book is a retelling of the British classic JANE EYRE, and is titled Mr. R.

Eddie Louise is the writer of the hit audiodrama podcast THE TALES OF SAGE AND SAVANT. She is a science fiction writer who’s main character’s catchphrase is the quote, “Death is no barrier to science!”

Susanne Strauss is an extremely talented photographer and author who put together a wonderful children’s’ book following a young hummingbird’s life, entitled LITTLE JEWEL’S REMARKABLE JOURNEY.

Nushin Alloo is a former US diplomat who has partnered with a Syrian refugee artist to produce an amazing children’s book to teach young ones about the country of Syria. It is entitled THE ADVENTURES OF LAILA AND AHMED IN SYRIA.

Ginni Gordon has had so many different lives, and brings a vast amount of knowledge to her retirement guide, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

Janet Joyce Holden is a talented horror writer. Check out her ORIGINS OF BLOOD series if you like vampire stories!

Melissa Buell is a talented author who has written both short stories and her own series, entitled THE TALES OF GYMANDROL.

Also in attendance was Julie Belmont, another local artist and author.

More new material coming soon!

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